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Two Skills Everyone Can Learn To Be An Outstanding Sales Professional

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The life blood of all businesses is sales and having systems that is combined with processes and tools and the skills will increase sales.

As part of new initiatives being developed by Australian Leisure Media, we have partnered with leading fitness sales and communication expert Steve Jensen the CEO of Impact Training & National Sales Academy to give you a series of fitness sales and communication Masterclasses to learn new selling skills and strategies and receive up to date selling tools and resources 

Learning the art commination is the key. These are called skills and skills can be learnt and if they are combined with the desire to learn, practise and to implement them you will increase sales. We do need to move away from the notion of “born salesperson” and towards skill development. 

You will learn:

The Big Picture

Learn how to set use KPIs to drive sales

Face To Face Skills

​how to set use KPIs to drive sales
Qualification Skills (80% of all sales come with smart questions)

Phone Skills

​how to Understand the Difference Between Incoming & Outgoing Calls

How To Connect With More Leads & Increase Your Booked Appointment (sales opportunities)

How To Increase Your Prospect’s Show Rate, See More People & Close More Sales